nuthin' but time

'scoop' is like woody allen's most underrated film

celebrities and their outfits at coachella are so embarrassing and the ~indie~ pop stars that hangsies and take photos with them are not doing themselves any favours


This sloth bear cub is being raised by zookeepers at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., after her mama ate her siblings.
And yes, this baby bear is in fact trying to kiss the camera.
Learn more about why mothers in the wild sometimes eat their babies.


'wet hot american summer' is one of the greatest works of american cinema and of you disagree well i'm sorry about your life but you probably deserve it


It’s a photo of a photo of a photo … well, you get the picture.“Authorization,” 1969, Michael Snow, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa


literally this hockey game is going to kill me


Anselm Kiefer - Departure from Egypt (1984)
i take the gin out of my hello kitty messenger bag, and take a swig, while sitting on the bench. i chase it with a cigarette. alexandra takes a picture of this with her palm pilot. i get a glare the group of preppy girls standing nearby.

Blogging turns 20: look back and cringe with us

from Dave’s LiveJournal, 1 October 2004. 

(via guardian)

(via guardian)