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NY Times: "Romanian'€™s Tale Has Art World Fearing the Worst"
When the show reached Chicago, art students tried Matisse in absentia for “artistic murder, pictorial arson … criminal misuse of line,” and burned copies of his paintings. They tried to burn him in effigy, too, but were thwarted by local authorities. Critics opined that Matisse’s were “the most hideous monstrosities ever perpetrated” and “poisonous.” The former president Teddy Roosevelt barked that the art was “repellent from every standpoint,” and concluded that there’s “no reason why people should not call themselves Cubists, or Octagonists, or Parallelopipedonists, or Knights of the Isosceles Triangle … one term is as fatuous as another.”
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Bathers by a River, (intermittently from 1909-17)
Henri Matisse

Dahlias and Pomegranates, (1947)
Henri Matisse

Nu bleu II (Blue Nude), 1952
Henri Matisse